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Living life to the fullest

As the days go by, my life begins to grow shorter, and shorter. Until, the grains of sand that represent my life hit the bottom of the hourglass, I will continue to live my life to the fullest. Even if there's nothing left in my life, I will continue to be alive until my time in this world comes to end. If my time in this world comes shorter than what was anticipated, I would have no lamentation about it.


They say that love is something people can hold on forever
That the one somebody loves, you can trust them and love them forever.
But that  love can never be true.

True love is nothing but a lie one can say...
Or one can say love is something that can never exist.
People tend to give up on love, and just live on alone for the rest of their lives.

Love can be a cruel or a good thing.
The Mistress of Love can be a kind or evil person.
But you can only take a chance in love.

So, what would you do?


Traveling across the country,
Surrounded by millions of people,
The skies continues to call for me.

The calling of the wind follows me where ever I go
But still, the chains that bind me to the earth can never be broken.
How I long live to finally be free.

I look and see the birds flapping their wings through the skies.
How I long live to be like the birds.

My wish and my eternal dream...to soar the skies like the birds.
Finally, I have been given that chance.
Through much pain and suffering I've had to endure.

To have been through hell for so long
Having to defy the gods
I am finally free from my chains
I can now be free to soar the  skies.

Forever A Slave

I hate what I have become.
I hate my life so much.
I hate having to be a slave for all of eternity.

Forced to become a demon.
Forced to serve at his whim.

I hate it all.
I can never have any freedom.
My life literally became a living hell.

Every step I take, every time I breathe,
Everyday when I try to speak.
All of it shortens my life.

The blood on my hands can never be washed away.
The scars on my back can never be healed.
My chains shall never be broken.

My heart is trapped in a vice.
I hate...being a slave to the devil.


It was another night... I lay in my bed. I wake up, revealing my bloody red eyes and staring at the ceiling. I get out of bed and look out the window. The sky was black. The moon shined of a crimison red. The stars were a dark purple color. My life was coming to an end. My world seemed to be falling apart. Piece by Piece. My heart was filled with darkness, that could never be exposed to the light. The scars on my back...were covered in blood. The wounds could never be healed. I can never be whole again. I...am nothing in this world.

A Pledge That Can Not Be Made

The endless night..the endless long lasting night..I sit on the rooftop of my house, and stare at the glowing full moon; beginining to turn to a Bloody Crimison color. My eyes gazed at the moon, while my eyes began to turn red too. The japanese tattoos all over my back and the back of my arms began to glow red. I stood up, while holding a cross in my right hand. This world..this world is in chaos. I vow to make a change to this world. to where chaos would be banished from this world. A blackwing and a whitewing appeared out my back. I soared to the pitch-black sky, and saw a huge fissure in the ground. Demons of Hell began to surface, and slughter every last human on the Earth. My heart became enraged, and my anger fueled my entire right arm. It turned into a demon's arm, and a black and white sword appeared in my hand. I zoomed toward the demons, and began to kill them all. With each slice from my blade, their blood hit my face. No matter how many of them came at me, I killed them without a slight bit of hesistation. Then, the entire battlefield was covered in blood. But, I wasn't finished. I looked behind me, and saw someone with glasses, and Dragon-like Wings. I couldn't see him very well, for he hid his appearance in the light of the Crimison Moon. But I knew he was an enemy. He charged at me, and I did the same. We fought for hours, but I couldn't get anywhere. I felt like..I was fighting a mere image of myself. My body began to weaken, and then, I felt his sword pierce through my chest. He ripped the blade out of me, and I began to fall. My black and white feathers began to pluck from my wings. I never knew who that was..but..I couldn't fulfill my pledge..to bring peace to the world.


The school was under attacked by demons. Kaname Susuri, who controled Fire, Tsukuri (Ace) Zetaski, who controlled Darkness, and Riku Yumizaki, who controlled Ice, attempted to protect the school. They managed to protect the students from the demons, until they felt a stronger presence among them. He walked into the school, and they were shocked to see who it was..me. "! Creator! You're alive! You can help us now, right?", Kaname asked. "...Yes. I can help you.", I said as i summoned a dark and light blade. "I can help you..make your way to the fiery pits of hell." "W-What? Creator..what're you talking about?", he asked. "I'm here to end your life. Don't you understand that?", i asked as i swooped toward Kaname and sliced his chest. His blood gushed out and splashed onto the floor and my face. "C-Creator..w-why?", Kaname asked in pain. But I replied, " I'm not here to answer your questions!" Angel-like wings came out of my back. The left wing was black as the night, and the right wing was white as day. I flew up high and swarmed Kaname. More and more blood was being shed by my hands. Kaname fell to the ground. "Creator..what happened to you?", he asked. I walked to him and pointed my blade to his chest. "Now then..let me end your suffering.", I said. "Keep away from him!" Riku shouted as he created an ice dragon. The dragon swarmed me, but i easily shattered it in one strike. Suddenly, Ace appeared behind me, but i ducked and punched him in his gut. "Fools..you forgot that i created you. You never had a chance against me..Now then.." I was about to finish Kaname, but a neko(A human with cat ears and a tail)came. "Greg-sama!(means "master" or having high respect for someone.)", she said. "! Kaia."I said. "Master, what's wrong with you? Please stop!"she begged. I dropped my sword. "N-No..stop it!"i cried out. "Greg..why did you hesistate?"a male voice asked. Suddenly, sinister looking man came into the room. "! Y-You're.."Ace paused. "So..you are followers of Greg. Then..allow me to erase you from existance!"he said. "Oh no, you don't!" Riku released several aurora dragons at the man. "I didn't come here to play with you fools." he said as a energy surge emitted from his body. The dragons were destroyed and Riku injured greatly. "Greg..enough of this foolishness. Bring me the Stone." he commanded. "Milord." I went into the middle fo the commons and grabbed the red stone. "Greg-sama! Please, stop it!" Kaia cried out. "Hmph. It's useless for you to reach him. Come, Greg." the man left. I walked passed Kaname and stopped. "Looks like you get to live..for now." I said as i walked away. "C-Creator..wait!" Kaname shouted. But i didn't stop. The dark clouds gathered, and the rain began to fall. I had betrayed my friends..but most importantly Kaia. But that meant nothing to me now. I had surrendered my heart to the evil i had been trying so hard to destroy.

Coin of Balance

There are always to sides of a coin. Heads and Tails. Just as there are two sides of a Coin of Balance. Yin and Yang. Light and Darkness. People always say that it's impossible for Light and Darkness to co-exist with one another. That Light and Darkness can never ever mix. Light and Darkness were destined to fight one another. That has been this when for thousands and thousands of years. But...one could never win over the other. That's because Light and Darkness are two sides of the same coin. It's impossible for one to exist without the other. Without Light or Darkness, the world would fall out of balance. Without Darkness, there wouldn't be any night sky. And without Light, there cannot be any daytime. That is why..for thousands of years..the Coin of Balance was created.

Final Destiny

Several days have passed. The military were still hunting down and trying to capture me, and no news on Sosuke's recovery had been sent to me. For all I know, Tsukune, Ishizu, and Aki, who possessed Psychic powers, were having a hard time trying to piece back Sosuke's powers of the Twilight that had scattered over the entire world, or the military had captured Sosuke. It was my fourth week at Timberview High School. Ever since the whole ordeal that occured last week, all the students here, including my friends, began to truly accept me for what I was. But at the same time..they also began to fear me of my power. But who could blame them? Even I feared my powers. I never wanted my powers to come to life. I never wanted to endanger my friends, and family. But that's destiny. And it's impossible for one to escape his destiny.

Writer's Block: 10 Years From Now

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself as a novelist working probably on my 30th book.